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Ayurveda in Macedonia

Ayurveda is a traditional India medical system, ancient knowledge of sages. Ayurveda is made up from two words. "Ayur" means Knowledge and &
Interview of Dr Vikram Chauhan on Ayurveda for Macedonia TV Channel

Dr. Vikram Chauhan delivered a TV interview on the television channel Канал 5 (Kanal 5) in Macedonia on 25th April, 2019. Kanal is a television c
Dr Vikram Chauhan Promoting Ayurveda in Macedonia Europe - Interview To Kanal

Dr. Vikram chauhan, who is MD in Ayurveda belongs to Chandigarh and CEO and Founder of Planet Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. Mohali is a leading Ayurvedic docto
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Guys Lose Their Sht Getting quotAutoblownquot During Interview

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Sleep Music for Quarantine 247insomniaCalm MusicSleep MeditationSpaRelaxS

For these days in quarantine...hope you're well. Be healthy; be safe.<br>Sleep Music for Quarantine 24/7,insomnia,Calm Music,Sleep Meditati
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