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Why Drink Antioxidant Water - YouTube

Did you know that bottled and tap water doesn't have any antioxidants? It's true! Natural water, like the water you get from a pristine sp
Which is Better Bottled Water or Ionized Water - YouTube

Many people are sold on bottled water. But don't believe the marketing hype! Did you know that most water bottling facilities are not regularly
Puerto Ricans given water from hazardous site

In Dorado, Puerto Rico, the city is offering desperate residents water from an area contaminated with industrial chemicals
LiveLeakcom - Suicide jump from a water tank

Israel Jacob Nazarene, a USA citizen takes his own life jumping from a water tank in Santa Elena, Peten, Guatemala. The victim was praying and readin
Fanning bravely fights off a shark attack ESPN Video

Pro surfer Mick Fanning was involved in a shark attack before swimming to the rescue boat during the finals of the J-Bay open.
Water Polo a sport for real men

water polo